• Medha Nagesh

My first post!

Hermione's beaded handbag

I started this blog to share my experiments with "Working with a Room of Requirement". I know it sound so funny and weird when I say that. But hang in there and you'll know exactly what I mean by that! I am planning to target specific fields that I am interested in and publish specific experiments that made me feel "a-ha". Basically, all my a-ha moments. And, no. This is not a voo-doo or some crazy scientist's lab. I'm just normal and I bake and code and do Tai Chi among the several other regular human activities. Fantasized by the idea of being witch-ey only so I can do magic and nothing else. Will never be a with if I get that chance. (It's just the fantasizing part that gives me a kick - a nice one and makes me squeal a little in witchey excitement - adds some seasoning to an otherwise lame and ordinary everything)

I have "experiments" coming up with baking, coding and Tai-Chi. So, if you like any of these then stay tuned! It's gonna be a crazy ride! If you can, get started on any old hobby of yours so we can learn new hobby-specific tricks from different gurus, together! It's all about the learning, you see. And that's where I'll be with you. To learn. While I learn my own little tricks, you shall learn yours. In the most dramatic way possible. *bu-dum-tsss*

See you sooon! Take care!

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